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Facts About Debbie

You probably need to know I am a bona fide Southern Yankee.



Flint, Michigan
Which makes me a Flintstone!


Current Resident of:
Which makes me an Arkie!



THE best in the world.



Discovering new coffee houses
Collecting vintage Christmas pieces
Watching old movies
Rescuing animals
Hiding books for people to find

Professional Affiliations:

American Library Association

Sisters in Crime

RWA (Romance Writers of America)

National Reading Association

ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers of America)


SCBWI (Society of Children's' Book Writers and Illustrators)

My Book Therapy

Who's Who Among American Teachers

National Education Association.


Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Master's Degree in Library Science.


Current Writing Projects:

Cozy Mystery
Romantic Comedy
Middle Grade/Young Adult



Hmmm. Here are the things I've done with my time:


Classroom Teacher
5-8 Library Media Specialist
Adjunct Instructor

Consultant for Wordsmith Academy
Consultant for Barnes and Noble Literacy Fair
Book Reviewer



More Facts About Debbie:

I am a Christian
I can get ready in twenty-two minutes.
I am a recipe wrangler! Love to find new ones.
I don't care for stingy or grumpy people
I wish I owned a self-cleaning house
Good Listener
I appreciate my husband. He rocks!
I am a children's and young adult librarian
HUGE fan of murder mystery weekends
Love, love, LOVE chocolate.
I own three dogs and four cats--all rescue critters (adorable and brilliant)
I find it hard to squish bugs-I tend to catch them and take them outside.
Most trendy things bore me.
E-readers are okay, but I find the smell of book perfume intoxicating--especially when you open up a new one to the middle and take that first sniff. Ahhhhhhhhh. Bliss! :0
I Love 90's music
I Love 80's music
I Love 70's music
I am a Joel Osteen fan
I like to stay up until 2:00 a.m. and sleep until 10:00 a.m.
I adore people who adore people
My freezer always has a stash of Totino Pepperoni Pizzas
Homemade fudge should be voted one of the top ten best smells in the world!
I am a back-pew-kinda-girl -- I love watching the people in the sanctuary when God's light bulb pops on above their heads.
I cry during Hallmark Movies ... sometimes even the mystery ones. : /
Other than running into two parking light poles I am a CRAZY good driver, but I like my music loud while driving - hmmm. Wonder if there's a pole connection there???
I had four fillings put in when I was a kid with NO deadener!
I eat midnight snacks at 10:30 p.m.
I've been known to allow myself one chapter a day if a book is really good so I can savor the characters, story, and writing.


And there you have it. All about Debbie!

When I visit someone's site, I like to see something that gives me a glimpse inside his/her life. Here's a picture of Molly, my little office co-worker.


More glimpses to come. In the meantime, click over and check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Pages.